Epley Strength Index

 EPIC Strength Index 

Epic SI uses bio-metrics, years of scientific research, and consistent measurement techniques. Our system ranks each athlete's performance at a series of specific tasks based on body weight. Epic Strength Index has created a paradigm shift in the athletic world and is utilized by programs across the country to secure championships. Athletes are better able to train and coaches can improve recruitment using this system. 

No Ad Gimmicks. 
No Over Zealous Marketing. 
Just Real Results, Backed By Science. 

How It Works

Athletes complete the Hang Clean, Bench Press, and Squat (add additional, sport specific, tests). 

The poundage, reps, as well as the height and weight of each athlete are compiled for the testing results. 

Epic SI converts the testing data using a patented algorithm and assigns a final strength index to each participant.  

Why Epic SI ?

Globally Recognized 

Quickly Identify Top Competitors 

Highly Accurate

Improved Training

Real Results 

Sport Specific 

Epic SI is more accurate than other testing methods because it accounts for bio-metric data. Our system allows athletes to compete against each other pound for pound.
Consider this example...
A male 225 lb athlete that bench presses 315 lbs. for 3 repetitions will generate a 1RM of 343 lbs. His Strength Index, calculated based on his body weight, is 503 points. A 200 lb. male athlete would beat him with a 290 lb. bench press for 4 repetitions. He would generate 504 Strength Index points. The lighter athlete is actually the strongest.