Epic Athletic Performance Index 

The Universal Language Of Sport

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Originally developed in the 1960's, Epic API has been battle tested time and time again. 

Once a, well kept, secret algorithm of elite sports organizations, the index is now publicly available!


This Athletic Performance Index is positioned to be the universal language of sport.  Accounting for bio-metrics, the index utilizes three tests to measure linear speed, change in direction, and power. Epic API uses its algorithm to accurately assign athletes a star rating.


By automatically assigning a star rating to an athlete, metric conversions are no longer necessary. This allows coaches from around the globe to quickly identify top performers and athletes to identify their performance level on a much larger scale. 


How do your athletes stack up?

Epic API provides a consistent way of measuring where athletes are in their development. 


Three tests are administered: the standing vertical jump, the pro-agility run, and the 10-yard dash. The results are then converted using a complex algorithm, backed by decades of research, to measure athletic ability.


The results of each performance test (dash, pro-agility, and vertical jump) count towards the final overall score. There is a 5 star system to identify where athletes stack up and where an athlete needs to improve. The scores are sport specific and general athleticism is also  populated in the final report.

Game Changing



Height, Weight, Age, Etc.


Linear Speed

10 yd Dash


Change of Direction



Vertical Jump

Each performance test (Dash, Pro-Agility, and Vertical Jump) counts towards the overall score. There is a 5 star system identifies where athletes stack up and improves coaches ability to recognize top performers when recruiting. The final score is sport specific and customizable for athletic programs. General athleticism is also populated in this report.

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 Epic Athletic is a proud partner of Dashr Timing Systems. Epic API is now integrated with Dashr's technology to provide coaches with accurate testing results and consistent measurement metrics.


Dashr's wireless kits test the dash for any distance, a dash with one or more splits, the pro-agility run, the flying 40, a lap, and more. These kits also have the ability to add extra gates to create custom tests.


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