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EPIC Athletic is the sports industry's leader in athletic performance measurement. Our programs and tools are backed by over 35 years of scientific research. Organizations across the country have trusted EPIC Athletic to continuously deliver the products needed to secure championships and improve athlete performance.  



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 Epic Athletic Performance Index determines athletic talent. 

Epic API involves three tests - the Vertical Jump, the Pro-Agility Run and the 10 Yard Dash. These tests measure Power, Agility and Speed. The results of each test are assigned points.


Coaches can identify how an athlete stacks up globally and what needs improvement.  Coaches can also identify if the athlete has improved following a program cycle by using the index to retest. Epic API is an amazing tool to add to any Strength and Conditioning Program.


Epic SI allows all athletes to compete against one another to determine who is the strongest pound for pound.


Athletes complete the Hang Clean, Bench Press, and Squat. The poundage, reps, as well as the height and weight of each athlete are compiled for the testing results. 

Epic SI converts the testing data using a patented algorithm and assigns a final strength index to each participant.